Pac’s Life: 43 Songs That Made 2Pac Great (19 -11)


19. “How Do You Want It”

18. “Hit Em Up”

A viciously toothy dis track targeting his one-time friend turned rival foe, this track often tops list on the best dis tracks of all time. It’s hard not to listen to this record and recall the venom Pac tossed around so publicly before his and the Notorious B.I.G.’s demise.

17. “Troublesome”

16. “I Ain’t Mad At Cha”

As omniscient of a song (and video) as you’ll ever find, where ‘Pac narrates the loss of a homie that could be billed as the rapper relaying the tale of his own life.

15. “How Long Will They Mourn Me”

14. “Baby Don’t Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II)”

13. “Until The End of Time (Broken Wings)”

2Pac’s catalog is bigger than JC Penney’s and in his afterlife, an abundance of music has seen the light of day by way of bootleg recordings, family-commissioned releases and more. Some of the material is heavy on the cheese, but if the lasting image of the rapper is a bullet-ridden thug, we can’t be mad as his estate for attempting to (correctly) balance out his image.

12. “In The Air Tonight”

11. “Hellrazor”

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