Pac’s Life: 43 Songs That Made 2Pac Great (27-20)


27. “Do For Love”

26. “Keep Ya Head Up”

Pac at his most poetical. The Thug Life MC was often controversial, but it can’t be said that he didn’t have a heart as heavy as the burden he carried as the lead artist on Death Row and the progeny of Black Panther parents.


25. “Shorty’s Gonna Be A Thug”

24. “Only God Can Judge Me”

The vocoder-laced hook provides ‘Pac with a firm base of California in his material, which he fully embraced after he inked with Death Row. But the actor-turned-rapper (yeah, you read that right) was always fond of the Golden State having spent time in Oakland as a youngster.

23. “They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us”

22. “Me & My Girlfriend”

The Left Coast lyricist was often pitted against Biggie posthumously in terms of who was the better MC. While the Notorious one was one of a kind, ‘Pac was no slouch, here concocting a metaphoric tale of lust.

21. “2 Amerikaz Most Wanted”

20. “God Bless The Dead”

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