Pac’s Life: 43 Songs That Made 2Pac Great (35-28)


35. “So Many Tears”

34. “Thugz Mansion”

2Pac had the airwaves on lock even from the grave. Although the radio played a hardcore version of this hit, Nas actually took the single and remixed it for his album God’s Son. Both songs appear on 2Pac’s Better Dayz posthumous compilation.

33. “Still Ballin”

32. “Pour Out a Lil Liquor”

2Pac’s acting career had began to take off after this movie came out. “Pour Out A Lil Liquor” appeared on the soundtrack for Above The Rim, which 2Pac also starred in.

31. “All Eyez On Me”

30. “Picture Me Rollin”

29. “California Love”

The infamous smash single from 2Pac served as his comeback single after his release from prison in 1995 and as his first single as a part of Dr. Dre’s Death Row Records. This would be one of last big hits he would have before his death in 1996.

28. “Brenda’s Got A Baby”


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