FRANK OCEAN is Harder Than Most of These Rappers! Talks Drug Dealing High School Days

frank ocean

Via HotNewHipHop:

Frank Ocean, being an r’n’b singer, doesn’t exactly have the hardest reputation, although he did get into that scuffle with fellow singer Chris Brown. Nonetheless, Ocean doesn’t portray himself as a gangster, although he reveals in a new interview with Oyster Magazine that he was a thug in school. Frank Ocean covers the magazine’s new issue and discusses his high school days, which apparently included selling crack and cocaine. “I was never a bully,” Ocean said of his school life. He continued, “I was a thug. I sold a lot of cocaine and crack.” The singer added, “All the time.”

Frank Ocean is a true pioneer, lol! I respect that he’s shattering the “soft” stereotype associated with homosexuals, but this feels like he’s trying too hard. He has to be trolling us, right? Who says, “Yeah, I sold crack. I sold crack ALL THE TIME!” If Frankie was really going that hard in high school, I wanna know what Miguel was up to at that age…

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