The NFL Agrees!!! Super Bowl Ticket Prices are TOO DAMN HIGH!


The NFL isn’t looking to use a Super Bowl in the New York area to price out Joe Fan.Based on the current proposed face values obtained by, three of the five non-premium ticket prices will be higher than last season’s Super Bowl in New Orleans, while two price points will actually be lower.The NFL is considering pricing the best non-premium seats at MetLife Stadium at $1,500, as opposed to the $1,250 it cost for a similar seat in the lower bowl in New Orleans for last season’s game, according to sources familiar with the league’s thinking.After the $1,500 price, there’s a $1,200 seat and a $1,000 seat (both of which cost $950 last season).The league is strongly considering dropping 30 percent of the upper level tickets from $950 last season to $800 this season. The worst seats in the house, the upper corners, are also likely to see a drop of $150 per ticket. Those seats, which the league gives out in its lottery, would cost $500 instead of the $650 they cost last season. – ESPN


The best seats at the Super Bowl will go up this year. There is some good news for the fans that ain’t got the bank for sideline seating there might be a $150 drop per ticket this season. I don’t know about you, $800 is still too damn high, to be shivering in cold looking down from some nosebleed seats.

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