Kanye West Claims Big Corporations Blocking “Yeezus” Album From Mainstream Success

In part two of Kanye West’s amazing new interview with British radio personality, Zane Lowe (click here for part one), Kanye discusses why traditional radio refuses to play records from his new album, “Yeezus”. HINT HINT. Before you even say it, yes I do recognize that Kanye is probably frustrated that he can’t have his cake and eat it too, but you shouldn’t let that distract from his broader (though muddled) point. Kanye passionately argues that big corporations are still the gatekeepers to what becomes popular culture, because the individual has yet to unlock the full potential of the internet to effectively engage mass audiences. That’s an astute observation, but I’m not so sure that the evidence supports his hypothesis. Isn’t it possible that Kanye simply made an album that’s too progressive (or not good enough if you’re a “Yeezus” hater) for mainstream radio? No matter what side you come out on in this debate, one thing you can’t deny is that after his sit down with Zane Lowe, Kanye West has officially become the best celebrity interview alive!

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