Drake Takes Page from Hov’s Playbook, Partners with Toronto Raptors to Improve their Image

Drake Raptors

Everyone knows the Raptors stay losing, but Drake’s love for Toronto extends even to its struggling basketball team. Via The Star:

In what will start out looking like a publicity stunt and may end up changing the face of a franchise, the Toronto Raptors are about to begin a major partnership with the city’s most globally recognizable citizen.

On Monday, MLSE will announce the first of several initiatives with hip-hop impresario Drake, which will see him acting as a host, business partner and consultant for the team.

In a league driven by shiny-object syndrome, the Toronto-born musician has always had an earthy feel to his fandom.

Three years ago, just as it was about to get really bad, he laid out his bona fides.

“I am a Raptors fan to the death,” Drake told ESPN.

Looks like the Raptors are open to changing just about everything about their brand… except the name. Those hoping to swap the mascot for a non-extinct animal will be disappointed. But we still think Drizzy could do a lot for the team, as long as he doesn’t start a sports agency on the side.

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