WHOA!! Michael Jordan Says Kobe Could Beat Him In One-On-One

MJ the GOAT says he’d beat anyone in a game of one-on-one in his prime (he named Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Kobe, LeBron, D. Wade and Melo), but he also admitted that Kobe could probably beat him from time to time, because according to MJ, “Kobe steals all my moves.”  We all know LeBron isn’t a MJ or Kobe-caliber one-on-one player, so no surprise that MJ thinks he’d beat LBJ in his prime.  But the fact that MJ admitted that Kobe might beat him in one-on-one from time-to-time is pretty high praise for the Black Mamba.  I still think Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant would give MJ problems in one-on-one because of KD’s length and Melo’s size and strength. MJ also told a funny story in the video above about how he destroyed OJ Mayo in one-on-one back when Mayo was the best HS in the country.  Kobe Tweeted his response to stealing MJ’s moves below:



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