Disloyal??? Kendrick Lamar Throws MORE Shots at Drake in a New Freestyle… Plus the Top 10 Rappers Who Beefed With the Artist That Put Them On

So yesterday a video surfaced of Kendrick throwing MAJOR shots at Drake at the BET Hip Hop Awards cypher.  Social media was on fire all day with the consensus being either Kendrick Lamar is disloyal, or this is potentially the most exciting thing to happen in rap music since Nas and Jay went at it in late 2001.  BET has been pulling the video down from every site, but for those who didn’t catch it, here are the choice lines from K. Dot:

“Nothing’s been the same since they dropped ‘Control’
And tucked the sensitive rapper back in his pajama clothes
Ha-ha, joke’s on you / High-five, I’m bullet proof / Your shits will never penetrate
Pin the tail on the donkey, boy, you’ve been a fake.”

I don’t think Kendrick is being disloyal, maybe a little ungrateful for the look Drake tossed him on his second album, “Take Care”, which ultimately introduced Kendrick to the mainstream rap consumer.  But hey, this is hip-hop, and everybody wants that top spot. Hopefully we get another legendary moment that brings the genre back to the forefront of popular music.

Anyway, to celebrate (or mourn?) the rediscovered spirit of competition permeating the rap game, let’s take a look at the Top 10 rappers who turned against the artist who put them on.


1) Dr. Dre vs. Eazy E

The grandfather of disloyal rapper beefs.  We all know about Cube leaving NWA after Eazy and his business partner, Jerry Heller, tried to get the group to sign slave-level contracts.  Cube went on to release the classic diss track, “No Vaseline” and to release two of the greatest rap albums of all time.  Dre was slower to catch on to Eazy’s hardcore business practices, but when he did, he ultimately left the group too.  But instead of going out peacefully like Cube, Dre joined up with Suge Knight, and allegedly had Suge threaten Eazy with a baseball bat in order to get released from his Ruthless Records contract.  After being released from Ruthless, Dre went on to launch Death Row records with Suge, and on his classic debut solo album, “The Chronic,” Dre released arguably the greatest diss song/club banger of all time in “Dre Day.”   Eazy fired back with “Real Compton City G’s”, but it was too little too late.  Death Row was a juggernaut, and the mainstream rap media was too afraid to go against the empire that Dre and Suge built.  Looking back on it, Eazy was just too ahead of his time.  In the age of social media, “Real Compton City G’s” would’ve hit with a much bigger impact. Imagine, Dre being exposed for dressing the way he did (see below) before turning into a gangster rapper.



2) Jay Z vs. Jaz-O

Jaz-O was Jay’s mentor who put him on back in the day. Apparently the beef started when Jay tried to sign Jaz-O to Roc-A-Fella when he was starting the label, but Jaz wouldn’t go because he didn’t trust Dame Dash (can’t blame him). This YouTube comment pretty much sums this one up:

ytcomment jaz-o



3) Beanie Siegel vs. Jay Z

Nobody on the Roc-A-Fella roster ever achieved a stature in the game anywhere close to the Big Homie. But Beans came the closest, which made his desperate attacks on Jigga years later that much harder to watch.

Whether or not Jay wronged Beans on the business side of things, there’s no doubt that Jay did him a massive favor by signing him to Roc-A-Fella. If Beans was mad about the state of his career, dissing Jigga only put the nail in the coffin. Sad because he was one of the best East Coast MC’s from any crew, period. Jay referenced the situation on his “Pound Cake” verse on the new Drake album: “Dame made millions, Biggs made millions, Ye made millions, Just made millions, we all made millions, Cam made millions. Beans would tell you if he wasn’t in his feelings.”


4) Cormega vs. Nas

Most beefs come down to either money or pussy, and this one is in the latter category. These two Queensbridge natives were all good until apparently Nas called up Cormega’s girl and tried to holler.


5) 50 Cent vs. Nas

Nas was the first one to bring 50 on tour, way back in 1999 before Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. Here’s how 50 explained the situation to MTV News:

“Nas was the first person to do something for nothing for me. He allowed me to go on his promo tour for Nastradamus [in 1999]. He said, ‘The way you came out with that record [“How to Rob”], it felt like when I came out [with Illmatic].’ He wanted me to be out there. Me and Tony Yayo, we went on that promo tour. At that point, me and Nas was cool.”

But just a few years later, 50 let loose at Nas on “Piggy Bank,” apparently because he was pissed about getting his feature replaced on a J.Lo remix.

The money quote:
“Kelis said her milkshake bring all the boys to the yard, then Nas went, and tattooed the bitch on his arm”


6) The Lox vs. Diddy

Jadakiss, Styles P, and Sheek Louch were on top of their game in the late 90’s at Bad Boy records, but fast forward ten years and they’re screaming at Puffy on-air on Hot 97. Jada claims that ten years later, even though he’s not on Bad Boy, Puff still owns 50% of his publishing:

Lately there have been rumors of these dudes re-signing with Diddy, so who knows if this one will last.



7) The Game vs. 50 Cent

50 put the world onto The Game by signing him to G-Unit, but it didn’t take long before these two were openly dissing the shit out of each other.

50 seemed to take it all in stride and enjoyed going at Jayceon. On “Not Rich, Still Lyin’,” he conducts an imaginary conversation and does a pretty spot-on Game impression:



8) Jim Jones vs. Cam’Ron

This one all started when Jimmy went on TV with 50 Cent at the height of 50’s beef with Cam’ron. He was feeling himself at the time following the success of “We Fly High” and got to thinking he was bigger than Cam.

Jimmy apparently regretted biting the hand that feeds him and later apologized for running his mouth:

“You’ve known us from back when we didn’t have what we have now, so you remember, that above all, me and Cam, we still brothers,” the rapper said. “And we’re building on getting back on track, but first, I apologize for being a rude brother, for saying things publicly without first trying to handle them privately.

“I needed to clear my conscious before we work on building a bigger and better movement. Plus, consider it fair warning to everyone else,” Jones added.

Jones admitted that the public comments he made about Cam hurt the entire Dipset business, which in turn, stunted the growth of the crew’s newcomers coming in behind them. For this, he says he apologizes and is willing to help fix.

“I didn’t realize at the time, I was venting but it wasn’t all about me. There were other people whose dreams were also part of this movement. So by not leading by example, they were left stranded too. The way I handled our business issues was with emotion, and it got totally f***ked up. That’s what selfishness does …”


9) Chingy vs. Ludacris

Chingy went double platinum on Disturbing Tha Peace with Luda’s help… but financial disputes brought their relationship to an end.  According to MTV News:
“This is the first time we hear about his accusations, in a tabloid or through different media outlets, so all respect is lost,” Ludacris revealed Thursday, sitting with Chaka Zulu in New York. “He keeps saying it’s cool. It’s not cool. … It’s completely over. Financially he still is signed to Disturbing Tha Peace, and we’ll do what we have to do, but we don’t want anybody representing the crew who’s gonna make false accusations like that. We have no respect for this individual, basically.”

Luda addresses how they resolved the beef at 0:55 in this interview:


10) Waka Flocka vs. Gucci Mane

This is only one aspect of the massive fallout from Gucci’s epic Twitter rant in which he dissed pretty much every current and former member of Bricksquad. Gucci publicly offered to sell Waka’s publishing rights for a million dollars.

No bars have been put on record between these two yet, but you can bet they will be going at each other on their next projects. In Gucci’s case, that won’t happen for at least six months.

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