Nipsey Hussle Ethers Complex… In a Complex Interview

Nipsey Hussel Complex

Fresh off making $100,000 by selling 1,000 copies of Crenshaw for $100 a pop, Nipsey gives Complex an earful for including him on their “Underachieving Rappers” list.  He really laid into them and says some real shit about why rap website editors aren’t really qualified to weigh in on what’s going on in the streets.

“Number one, who is an editor to have an opinion on a street nigga? Bottom line. Those editors don’t live this life. They don’t go through the struggle. I’m from the Rolling 60’s my nigga. They don’t understand what putting an album out is to me. It ain’t the same as one of them backpack niggas, or one of them college-rapping types. That ain’t the shit I do. I got enemies. I went to war for real in between albums. My life is real. So when I hear about an editor asking: What’s up with my output? I’m like: What’s up with you even commenting on my life? Niggas don’t know my life.”

And after his whole hundred dollar album stunt, he’s feeling pretty confident about his position in the industry:

“I’m an unsigned artist getting $25,000 a show. I’m touring the world, not doing nothing against the law, getting money to feed my family. I got employees that have felonies and they can’t get jobs. They work for me.

Who are y’all talking to? Who’s the audience you’re speaking to? Because you can’t be speaking to the streets. The streets don’t think like that. They don’t, bro. They don’t think, like, he ain’t have a project for a couple months. Nah, that’s not how the streets think. They’re like, “My nigga, keep going. Keep going because you’re supposed to be dead. You’re supposed to be in jail. You’re supposed to be doing 25 with the rest of the niggas you grew up with.” My presence is positive. My presence is law of attraction. Mind over matter. That’s really the fabric of my creativity.”

And the knockout punch:

” I’ve come to a conclusion: Complex don’t love this shit. They’re not in it. They cover it from a bourgeoisie perspective. We’re judged by our peers. We’re not judged by somebody putting stories up writing an article. We don’t even know your background. You gotta validate your opinion in the real world. You can’t just walk on Crenshaw and Slauson and say, “I don’t like Nipsey’s project,” ’cause niggas gonna beat you up. Who are you to say that? I’m offended by the throw-a-stone-and-hide-your-hand operation of this industry. Diss a nigga one month because you think his career is over. And the nigga turn around and shift culture and you ask for an interview. Fuck your interview, nigga. Quote me on that.”

Check out the full interview over at Complex.

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