Hopsin Disses Kanye and Kendrick, Nobody Cares

In a post-“Control” world, directing a diss song at only one rapper just isn’t enough.  So Hop pops in his colored contacts and goes at Kanye and Kendrick all within the same couple bars:

“I was ecstatic to buy Yeezus, but I burned it first…heard it and snapped it in 5 pieces. Man Kanye on that bullshit, that’s why the paparazzi made that n*gga hit his head, that’s what that fool gets. You think you God now you half-assing rap little faggot bitch, perhaps you suffered brain damage back when you had that accident.

But most importantly, Hip Hop isn’t dead no more you see…cause Kendrick took the bar, then raised it higher for emcees. Unfortunately the lil n*gga’s like four foot three, the guy’s a fucking midget, his high is still short to me.”


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