Should Jay Z Cut Ties with Barneys Over This Racial Profiling Incident?

If you haven’t heard about this whole situation, this ridiculous CGI video will get you up to speed.  A 19-year-old guy from Brooklyn is suing Barney’s after they wouldn’t let him buy a $350 Ferragamo belt because they assumed he was using a fraudulent debit card.  You can debate the wisdom of spending that much on a belt, but if the kid had the money saved up who are we to judge?

Enter Big Hova, who recently signed a deal with Barney’s to release a swanky holiday collection that is similarly unaffordable: the cheapest item is a $70 t-shirt.  Someone in Brooklyn started a petition to convince Jay Z to cut ties with Barney’s because it “lacks any connection with the black and hip-hop community” and is profiling black people in its stores.

Where do you come down on this one?  It’s hard to say from the outside whether this is a company-wide policy of discrimination, or if there are just a few racist assholes who happen to work there.  Should Jay take a stand here that will cost him a few million in lost profits, or should he tough out the bad publicity and release his $39,000 alligator-strapped Hublot watch?

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