Eminem’s Manager Paul Rosenberg on Eminem’s “Horrible Battle”

em and paul

In a new interview with Billboard, Eminem’s longtime manager Paul Rosenberg dishes on the challenges that Em made it through to make his comeback a reality.  It wasn’t easy keeping Shady Records alive while Em was in treatment:

“It was horrible. It was difficult in a lot of ways. It was sad because of his condition and we were worried about his health first and foremost, but beyond that. Trying to keep everything running when you don’t have a partner who is so important to the brand that you’ve built together and he’s just not present and unable to contribute, it’s just… very difficult. But we were definitely most worried about his health and wellbeing.” 

Em was able to overcome his addiction, as detailed on the hit albums Relapse and Recovery.  Rosenberg says they are in much better place now:

“He’s five years sober, so things are a lot different. But it’s not as different now as it was when he first went into recovery. There was a time during that period where I felt like I was sort of meeting him again for the first time. He came out of this like horrible spell and he just wasn’t himself. But then as I got to know him again as he is now. It’s been really great. It was hard to connect with him when he wasn’t present. And now [that] he’s present, he’s a much better partner. I think his art’s a lot better and we have a lot more fun doing it. Our relationship both professionally and as friends is stronger than ever.”

Check out the full interview over at Billboard.

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