The Best #DrakeonSNL Skits Ranked in Order


8. Daddy Drake was the rapper as his most Drake-ness, but, like most kids on a Saturday night, we aren’t trying to hang with pops.

7. Not quite poetry in motion, but Drake, ever the wordsmith, kicked a few syllables at school and able scored.

6. Morning wood is only apt to describe this, not because it got a rise (it did, and it’s a morning TV parody) but the behind-the-scenes jokes on anchors was solid (as in oak.)

5. The first look at Drake on this evening showcased his take on A-Rod.

4. We need a resolution, as Aayliyah (a Drake fav.) would say, and here the Toronto star delivered in the digital short alongside SNL’s new (African-American) leading lady.

3. His shorts made Donald Glover green with envy, but Aubrey upped his enthusiasm for this Disney World sketch and turned nothing into something. #started

2. Before They Were Stars finds Drizzy working through impersonations of Lil Wayne, Jay Z and more as effortlessly as he changes up his flows from song to song.

1. Drake’s opening monologue set the bar(Mitzvah; including a prayer to Kanye and Kim K., namedropping Jewish cuisine and Weezy in the same breath), which he never hurdled the rest of the night, but, overall, a breakthrough appearance for the actor-turned-rapper-soon-to-be-turned-actor again.

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