Beyond Debate: Great Dunk Contest Ever


With news that Paul George, John Wall and Damian Lillard are entering the Spring Slam Dunk contest happening next weekend in New Orleans, heads are reminded that it’s the first time since 1988 that three all-stars entered the competition. That year, Clyde Drexler and two other guys, MICHAEL JORDAN and DOMINIQUE WILKINS!, were the trifecta with the latter two putting on the greatest one-on-one dunk batter EVER. Don’t believe us? Just watch (above). (Worth noting, Harrison Barnes, Ben McLemore and defending champ Terrance Ross round out the 2014 field; not bad, not bad at all. #dunkcontestback).

Look up and ‘Nique talks about the matchup, telling Bill Simmons, MJ admitted defeat but suggested the contest being held in Chicago, what do you expect?


Spend the next 45 minutes of your day watching the entire contest and be a better historian for it. Vince may have went insane. But these guys created a pandemonium.


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