Nas Kicks It With New Las Vegas Sneaker Shop

The QB MC opened up a Las Vegas kicks boutique called 12AM RUN. As a newly-minted sneaker mogul, Nas sat down with Complex to talk footwear.

As a kid, were there any sneakers that you really wanted?

Nas: Yeah. We can go back to Pumas, shelltoe adidas, FILAs, Jordans, and Air Max. Once Jordan came into play, all the sneakers from Nike seemed to turn to Air this and Air that. Air Max was like the Air Jordan’s cousin. So you wanted all the Air Jordans. I just started racking up on sneakers. Whatever was new. Avias and Ellesse. You remember those? My list went on with pieces that just weren’t the usual suspects that people talk about today.

Speaking of some of those old-school sneakers, British Knights is coming back. Did you rock those?

Nas: I had British Knights. I had Playboys. I didn’t get Clark’s for a while, but British Knights, I had those early. They had Bally sneakers as well. I had a pair of those. The Lottos.

For the full interview, hit ‘Plex.

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