New York’s Most Influential Twitterer? French Montana: Report

Yes, you read that right. French Montana. Well, to be more accurate, he’s the most influential rapper on the list, but, overall, he made the Top 10.

The Bad Boy rapper, Nas, and Action Bronson are all in the top 10 of New York’s Influential Tweeters as reported by the NY Mag today via a social study conducted by Peerindex.

The full lists contains musicians (Alicia Keys), politicians (former Mayor Mike Bloomberg), reporters (ESPN’s Adam Schefter), and entertainers (Jimmy Fallon). Hip-Hop being well-represented on the top 10 shows how the influence of social media has been captured by the culture more than politicians, say with Governor Andrew Cuomo coming in at #16.

The data is based on counted interactions and followers engagement as opposed to a high number of followers. The reporting was done by the social media company Peerindex, who also mentions that “when not watching sport, this is a city that moves to the beat of Hip Hop. The influence of music can be felt all the way down the list.”

Seems like accurate reporting, and the top 50 really shows that Hip-Hop culture holds a major influence in the city (twitter) streets. Take a look at other standout influential Hip-Hop tweeters:

#5 Carmelo Anthony

#6. French Montana

#8. Nas

#10 Action Bronson

#12 Spike Lee

#27 Alicia Keys

#28 Angela Lee

#29 Wendy Williams

#31 Talib Kweli

#45 Lil Kim

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