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New Music: Big Sean “Sanctified”


Big Sean unleashes his own version of “Sanctified” after only appearing on the hook for Rozay’s standout track also featuring Kanye West. For unknown reasons, Sean Don’s verse was missing from the album Mastermind, but Ye’s aggressive verse was inspiring. 

Sean gives a couple stunnin’ quotables that sounded album worthy (to me):

“I feel like I’m the black Brad Pitt when I wake up to fu**in’ an actress”

“I know that the devil is callin’, man fuck that weak ass ni**a, let it keep ringin’, right now I’m connected with Jesus, on threeway with Yeezus”

“that Detroit ni**a getting married but I’m still a player.”

Speakerheads, was “Sanctified” missing Big Sean’s verse? Listen to the album version and let us know:

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