Ken Griffey, Jr. Forgets How To Talk On TV

Ken Griffey, Jr. used to consistency knock them out the park, hence the Jay Z line alluding to the same talent. But, the retired baseball superstar hasn’t been dangerous in a few years. His last season in baseball was marred by an incident where the outfielder fell asleep in the clubhouse during a game.

In the above clip, we’d take that behavior as an excuse. AS a spokesman for Upper Deck and in honor of the trading card line’s 25th anniversary, Junior appears on SportsCenter and the Mariner completely….well, he doesn’t lose it. But Linda Cohn, who has Seattle roots, spends a few minutes trying to get the comatose (cheap shot, we know) Griffey to, you know, actually talk. This was awkward.

The encounter reminded us of a few other similarly painful interactions, but luck for us, we didn’t have to cull them all, as Complex and Bleacher Report already did the heavy lifting.

Here you go, Junior Griffey, you are not alone.

Eminem awkwardly sits in during halftime of a Michigan/Notre Dame game.

That awkward moment when Stan Van Gundy ished on Dwight Howard, then bailed before Dwight walked into the media scrum like, What?

And, there was this awkward moment between David Stern and Jim Rome and his wife.




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