Jay Z, Will Smith Backed “Annie” Trailer Arrives….Watch Here First!


The upcoming remake of “Annie” has released its highly-anticipated trailer starring Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz, and the young talent Quvenzhané Wallis (reminder, she was the youngest Oscar nominee this year). It has to be said that hip-hop has influenced the coming of this remake; Jay Z, who helped popularized “Annie” in our culture when he gave the musical new life with the sample used for his 1998 hit single “Hard Knock Life,” is on board with Will Smith as producers of this flick.

If you aren’t aware of Hov’s connection to “Annie,” the legendary Mark The 45 King produced the classic Jay Z song by sampling the lesser known melody, “It’s A Hard Knock Life,” from the musical “Annie.” Jay Z heard it when Kid Capri played the mixe between set changes at Puff Daddy’s “Now Way Out” tour where Jay was an opener and the God MC’s ear caught the tune. Below you can watch them explain it all:

And while it may no longer be a “Hard Knock Life” for Jay, Will or Jamie Foxx, pushing out a movie in Hollywood is no joke!


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