Jewels From The #CRWN: ScHoolboy Q & YN


The two-part episode of #CRWN with ScHoolboy Q and Elliott Wilson contains alot of gems from the West Coast MC, discussing, among other things, his artistry, TDE, and extended relationships in hip-hop.

Below, we bur roughed through the interview and found the 20 best jewels from the interview that you need to watch:

Shine on.

#CRWN part 1

2:18: ScHoolboy Q is bringing back the art of gangsta rap

4:25: Regarding gang life: “On some real sh*t.. You’re born into it…”

7:45: “Sometimes I just let the beat play 12 hours, and wrote nothing.. just catching the vibe”

11:01: Q gets personal with fan interactions “you see me walking, I’ll say whats up to you.. People know the name of my daughter…”

14:00: Recording “Los Awesome”: “Strictly for the gang members…That’s why I put Jay Rock on it.”

16:00: Rappers that knock out seven records a night, “You have no life…you have no story to tell. You made up a gang of shit on seven songs.”

18:30: “What They Want” was originally titled “Ah.. get 2 Chainz on it.”

20:20: Speaking on “The Purge,” “I wanted Snoop, Daz, or Kurupt.. whoever I could get from the coast that’s an OG.”

21:03: “All New York rappers think they’re like Michael Jackson…”

23:43: ScHoolboy Q doesn’t like club parties, “I’m not giving you a $1000 for this bottle…It’s not about to happen…”

28:00:  On media: “Niggas is burned out, that’s why I hate media…they try to tear you down….”

#CRWN part 2

1:20: Yawkkk! Spread once Kendrick asked Q “put some Yawks in the beginning [Good Kid, M.A.A.D City]”

3:28: Q lost his license at 19 and it’s cool with not getting it back, “Fuck it. I don’t need it, I don’t got a car.”

4:35: “Right now I got writer’s block, but for the most part I’ll get over. I need a break from being in the studio.”

7:08: On upcoming tour, “I’m going to play everything from the album… If you’re a lady, no heels, no dresses. My shows be like moshpits and all types of shit.”

8:55: “Fuck Black Hippy,” Q jokingly begins to speak on formation of Black Hippy.

11:08: Q compares Black Hippy to TMNT, “Ab-Soul is Donatello… Kendrick is…”

15:50: “Californication” was recorded during the “Long Live A$AP. Or Live Long A$AP tour.. or was it ..” Q doesn’t remember.

17:20: “I don’t care about that gangbanging shit, I just keep it in the music.”

18:15: “I just stopped selling crack today!” Q tells you if its truth or fiction?

19:00: Schoolboy Q has no plans on retiring, ever, “overtime, overtime, I’m never gonna stop rapping…. They let me in the game, it’s over.”

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