Jewels From The #CRWN Rick Ross & YN

Rick Ross Dubai

The two-part episode of #CRWN featuring Rick Ross with Elliott Wilson contains a lot of gems from the Boss, who has often been regarded as one of the most guarded rappers in the game. Here, though, he is comfortable sharing with YN and the audience. Another chart-topping album will do that for you.

Below, we went through the interview and found the 21 best jewels from the interview that you need to watch.

Put that on the Maybach.

1:20: Rozay explains Mastermind’s growth in his artistry (introduces “most def” and “under-dig” into the conversation; he says them both a lot. a lot.)

2:20: Pulling from the ’90s because it’s “the era of the best classics…”

3:50: Rick Ross wants to keep “the legends alive” by paying homage with songs like “Nobody” and “Tupac Back.”

6:08: “I say different things in my music. It may save a young motherfucker’s life… Understanding the casualties of this… Very familiar in that street life. I bring the highs and the lows.”

8:08: Puff’s slick talking on “Nobody” was “a Puff Daddy schooling situation.. schooling somebody..”

11:56: Ross speaks on Jeezy situation, and possible collaborations in future?

14:30: The Bawsw speaks on his most recent lyrics controversy, “we’re all Trayvon Martin… if you’re a minority in the inner city… whatever your target is, be accurate.”

15:45: Discusses his early career, including signing to Slip-n-Slide, ghostwriting, working with Scarface years ago and meeting Redman—”he was real high.”

19:40: “I’m illuminati material, baby! You under-dig.” (See?)

21:00: The importance of taking his time working on music ’til, “Hustlin'” took off, “it takes time to create something that’s gonna move the world.”

23:48: Speaking on his first paid show “$750.. I earned something from my art.. damnnn”

2:30: Rozay speaks on the street figures who got locked up such as Kenneth “Boobie” Williams, who he looked up to.

3:25:  On “Rich As Gangsta,” “I’m talking about me being a corrections officer… it’s nothing I’m ashamed of…”

5:00: On Maybach Music Group, “I wanted to be in a position where I could be in a room full of artists.. we all making different types of music…”

6:45: Those food lyrics could lead to something else, “Lyor, we need that audio cookbook…”

8:00: Rick Ross goes into detail about the beginnings of MMG and signing Wale and Meek Mill.

13:00: The importance of Self Made compilations for MMG, “I may not have been ready when I thought I was ready…”

16:30: On meeting Kanye early in both their careers, “we didn’t really know each other background… he’ll start hitting his keyboard.. I can kind of see, he’s an arrogant nigga, like I am.”

19:45: “Thug Cry” featuring Lil Wayne, “we had to sample the Souls [of Mischief], that was a classic record… We touched that joint,  that was special and when Weezy layed that joint that was Tunechi.”

20:50: How does Ross view his legacy? “The love I got is for making street records… My goal is to put a timeless body of work together…”

23:08: “It feels good to be here… when it’s all said and done he’s a Mastermind….”

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