“Snapchat is Overrated” – Action Bronson’s Opinions On What’s Over/Under


Action Bronson took some time off his Blue Chips 2 Tour to sit down with PitchforkTV to give his opinions on what’s overrated and underrated. Bam-Bam is hilarious, check out some of his statements below:


Guy Fieri – “For some reason I love him, he’s amazing, I love his style.”

Antiques – “I might drop 15 thou today on a dining table, pre-war, underrated.”

Veganism – “I tried to become a vegan, its not for me”

Luge – “I’m into luge… But alot of motherfuckers fly of the course, don’t Luge your life”


Mussels – “mussels don’t smell good, whether they’re fresh or not. They smell like shit, I”m not eating shit”

Thrift Stores – “Yeah, I’ma buy these pants. What if he shit his pants, in those pants that you’re wearing.”

Snapchat – “who’s to say she’s not taking a screenshot. If you have a child’s penis, and you send it to a women, she’s gonna laugh at you.”

Sammy Hagar – “Fuck him… That douchey white guy that goes to Mexico “Oh I’m never going back”… reminds of Guy Fieri, that I don’t like.”

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