“Why Don’t You Ever Talk About The Good Stuff?!” – Dame Dash Rants Back!


Dame Dash has never been one to hold back his tongue (remember this at Def Jam offices?), and most recently he became fed up with the Daily News for catching him leaving court to only report on the negativity of the former Roc-A-Fella CEO.  Yes, Dame Dash has been under scrutiny for a tax lien, and recently being sued for $1 million dollars by the mother of his only child. But he has continued to thrive independently.  Here, Dame questions the integrity of Daily News and their racial agenda since they never report the positive aspects of a black figure, such as, the fact that Dame owns various art galleries worldwide, owns businesses that bring in revenue of $50 million dollars, and keeping people paid and employed. He proceed to record the reporters on his iPhone with the statement, “just as many people that are going to see this are going to see you.”

“Why would anyone believe the Daily News, you’re not a credible publication…” No one answered his questions.

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