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Is 50 Cent 1 For 3 With Animal Ambition Singles?


50 Cent has managed to stay current as a businessman but the same hasn’t be said on the music side. His Street King Immortal album saw plenty of delays since 2012 and never saw an actual release. Recently, he has plotted for a return with Animal Ambition as his first independent release from Interscope via Caroline.

50 Cent is back to spitting in an aggressive tone, but the question is if the singles will impact in a major way? And if he has lost his step from where he was once musically. Well, we listened closely to his latest singles to give an honest insight on the success rate of what he’s released so far.

50 Cent “The Funeral”

50 brings back the art of storytelling on this one. Giving a street tale with no hook, directly tackling the perspective of grimy Queens street tales that end with death. From shooting, to women fighting, and to college cousins wanting revenge in the street life. 50 gives you the authentic and lyrically he still out to rap as best he can.

“The shoot-out shit happens, the sister read the eulogy/
Couldn’t help but think, “Nigga better you than me”…/
His momma said a few words to her, he was innocent/
She might have heard he did some shit, but never saw no benefits/
So in her eyes, he’s mommy’s little baby/
But he was outside talking to niggas crazy…”

50 Cent “Hold On”

“Hold On” has vintage 50 Cent energy with a the beat reminiscent of “Hustler’s Ambition,” except 50 Cent is already successful, yet he can still rap about that come up: “We came from nothing, now they saying we straight.” He speaks from the mentality of hustler even in the higher plateau that he is in, the hunger is present, but the uniqueness comes through with the harsh content of his lyrics. It still feels very aggressive, and still very real.

“I woke up this morning, this is insane/
Rich as a motherfucker, and ain’t much changed…/
The true principles of life are supply and demand/
Guess if you never sold dope it’s hard to understand” 

And later…

“When it’s war, it’ll be war to the very end/
If they ever say we lose, I start it again”

50 Cent Feat. Yo Gotti  “Don’t Worry About It”

[audiomack src=”http://www.audiomack.com/song/ukd/dont-worry-bout-it-feat-yo-gotti”]

If 50 was looking for a radio single, this has to be the one! “Don’t Worry About It” is the closest single 50 Cent has made to the contemporary club/trap sound that is relevant today, and a feature from Yo Gotti is unexpected (but works rather well).  As far as lyrics go, 50 isn’t worried about them, instead he is focused on the flow (that Ferrari, F-50 flow) and attitude, as evident in the hook, “Don’t worry about how I get my money, just know I get my money, don’t worry how I spend my money, boy I got a lot.” It’s 50 flexing at his best and the braggadocios attitude fits the production amazingly.

“Still rockin’, still rollin’/
We holdin’, bill foldin’, you know it/
When I start to ball out/
Money start to fall out/
Throw it up and fall out the sky/
Baddest bitches go all out/
Whole bar get bought out, that’s what I call my lifestyle”

Overall, 50 Cent is bringing a consistent output with his recent singles. The lyrical and aggressive content is consistent, but I can only see “Don’t Worry About It” gaining the most listens. Is 50 Cent 1 for 3 in singles? No, I believe they are all quality, but they do not bring the same mainstream appeal of singles from the past. I can see 50 being successful again, and if he’s not, I’m sure he’s not worried about it.

Speakerheads, what’s your take on 50 Cent’s latests single? Will he make a proper return to music this year?

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