Mustard On The Sheet: 9 Quotes From DJ Mustard’s Interview With Complex


DJ Mustard is on a hot streak right now; compiling radio hits for Chris Brown and Kid Ink (“Show Me”), Young Jeezy (“R.I.P”), Ty Doll $ign (“Paranoid”), and of course YG (“My Nigga”). The list goes on, and DJ Mustard has achieved a new level of success by aligning himself as the main man on the boards for YG’s album My Krazy Life. In his Complex interview he speaks on entering this new level of success; below we give you some of the standout points that you need to know about DJ Mustard.

1. Working to recreate an early 90’s sound DJ Mustard gave YG what he needed to represent his lifestyle in the music:

“When Dre and Snoop got together it was classic, West Coast real rap-type shit. We tried to recreate that, because our generation is way different than what it was back then..[YG] wanted to take them through his lifestyle–show them what it would belike to spend a day in Compton”

2. The plan for DJ Mustard is to bring back the fun, instead of sticking to strictly west coast gang-banging music:

“I’m into the club scene. I’m into having a good time and showing people you can have fun. Because for a long time, the West Coast, it wasn’t about having fun. It was about gang banging, it just wasn’t fun no more. So now I’m bringing fun back.”

3. DJ Mustard didn’t have the goal to produce until YG needed beats:

“Yeah, I started producing because YG didn’t have any beats. It wasn’t like a goal of mine to be a big producer, but I found a love for it after I started realizing like, “Damn, I can really take this somewhere.”

4. Having experience in djing has helped his music:

“DJing helped me learn a lot about music. I knew certain things about the music, so it goes and in hand. You can DJ a party and it can show you when you start making beats what the crowd wants and what it don’t want.”

5. DJ Mustard wanted to be like DJ Drama; after meeting/working with YG:

“So once he found YG he called me and he just gave me YG’s CD because, like I said, I wanted to be like Drama so I fucking did a mixtape on some Drama shit and once I did that, me and YG been cool ever since.”

6. Watching Ty Dolla $ign work was motivating:

“It was like having an older bro. I’m the type of person that I could watch you do something and if I watch you long enough, I would be able to do it myself. So I used to go up there and I used to watch Ty make beats. Because at the time I was I was lazy. I used to just watch Ty.”

 7. Where does DJ Mustard sound come from? He got it from himself:

“I listen to Lil Jon and Dr. Dre a lot. That’s where I got my influence from. I love Too Short a lot too. Everybody always say I took my style from the Bay but I didn’t take my style from there. I got my style from fucking myself. People are just weird. If I took anything from the Bay it was Too Short.

8. Choice words for any artist claiming he unwarrantedly sampled their music:

“Jump off my dick and get you some hit records because I don’t got time. I’m not the nigga for that. I don’t have no hate for them, but even if I did do that, why are you focused on that? You should be focused on what’s your next hit record because that’s all I’m focused on.”

9. Lil Boosie next on a DJ Mustard production, perhaps;

“I know we going to work for sure. We going to work for sure. He’s asked to work with me. I’ve asked to work with him but he’s been in jail. I been like, “When he gets out of jail. I got a batch waiting for him. Fire bangers!”

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