The Genius Speaks: 10 Must Hear Quotes From The GZA’s TED Talk


The GZA has always been considered one of the most intelligent figures in hip-hop since the days of Liquid Swords; here, in his TED Talk he continues to share his knowledge that he’s gained from the culture and what he learned from science. The Wu-Tang master has collaborated with Christopher Emdi for a project called a scholarly program SCIENCE GENIUS. The Genius manages to fuse hip-hop with the sciences well, below we scribe some of the noteworthy elements of his TED Talk:

1. “Hip-Hop is my vehicle to scientific and universal enlightenment”

2. “Not only do the elements interest me but also physics as this underlying force that controls or regulates the universes.”

3. “..[Science Genius] engages public high school students in science, using Hip-Hop.”

4. “Hip-hop is not only the voice of the youth, but we are taught as children in rhyme fashion, way before listening to hip-hop. first rhyme i learned was the “A,B,C”s.”

5. “Science is a way to increase our understanding the physical universe… its a way of upliftment..”

6. “Music is a universal language.. music is a healing force of the world.. music is universal.. both imaginary and real.”

7. “This universe is a background to what we call music.”

8. “A true musician, will compose until the instrument becomes its heart and they become one.”

9. “Everything vibrants.. all objects and beings.. music is always playing. this is why is great to teach science through music..”

10. “A musician, his mission in life is a great one.. making positive music or great music is to harmonize the people and tune the souls, cause each soul is tune to a different pitch. It is about harmonizing the soul and tuning the people through music; and this is why SCIENCE GENIUS is a great way to educate the kids through rap.”

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