Jewels From The CRWN: Lil Wayne & YN


On one of the biggest CRWN interviews yet, YN and Lil Wayne got personal. At SXSW, Lil Wayne took a hold of an audience in this exclusive appearance by candidly speaking  on his mentality while working on Tha Carter V, his Jay Z fandom, his relationships with YMCMB artist, Willie Nelson (shout outs!), his obsession with sports, and much, much, much more.

Below, we went through the interview and found the best jewels from the interview that you need to watch.

Let’s get into Wayne’s World.

2:00 What can be expected on Tha Carter 5: “The usual suspects… My team [YMCMB].. great music.. wonderful production. Fabian, mixes all music making me sound like a million, trillion dollars…”

3:05 Wayne is comfortable with his main man Cortez Bryant handling the biz, “I started so young, I’m a pure artist… All we care about is the creation… We don’t worry about the business.. My man Tez, I have enough faith in him…”

4:14 Wayne has been working his hardest on Carter V, “I’m approaching it as if you don’t have tomorrow…”

4:55 Lil Wayne had somewhat of a regular childhood, “I went to school, album out platinum, I’m in class.”

5:40 YN gets Lil Wayne to speak about his University of Houston experience, “I still have to impress mom…”

6:55 Speaks on his Jay Z fandom, “I was a Jay Z fanatic, ask Juvenile, Turk, anybody… I’m showing up with the Timbs, Rocawear on, I got the Shawn Carters…”

8:15 Speaks on his musical run from ’06-’08: “It was my beautiful friends, calling ‘I have another song’.”

9:01 YN gets clarity on rumor that Jay Z was interested in signing Lil Wayne to Def Jam.

9:50 The reason why Lil Wayne doesn’t call him the greatest rapper of all time anymore, “Because I have awesome artist, and I’m not trying to outshine them… When I was saying that I didn’t care who on the mic, now I have artist I want to be better than me.”

12:00 On what makes Drake a special talent, “Every time I  hear his music, I still get the same feeling, ain’t nobody could touch this dude… maybe the females get a different feeling….”

12:40 Nicki Minaj: “Simply Nicki… That’s what I’ve seen. She rapping better than rappers, period. That’s what she’s doing”

13:40 Lil Wayne was high during this CRWN: “Shout out Willie Nelson.”

15:10 “They compare me to my old stuff…but they’ll look back look at what I did. I know what I’ve done… and what I can do.”

16:00 How does Lil Wayne view competitiveness with artist like Kendrick Lamar, “Oh man, I’m not about to jump out here saying I’m the best. I don’t need anyone coming at my neck.”

18:00 “I don’t think new artist are worried about us. They’re not putting us in that competition… I hope they look at it as I’m trying to get there…”

18:35 Tunechi was amazed with Kanye West’s Yeezus concert: “My nigga did a whole show with a mask, did y’all see the show? Y’all know i couldn’t do shit like that! I found myself out of breath…”

20:58 Lil Wayne enjoyed Yeezus: “I rock with anything that man does..”

22:48 Wayne and Kanye have mutual respect, “We came up in a different, more friendly environment…”

23:45 YN takes Wayne back to the Hot Boyz days, “I was 14!.. I was on TV! Parking next to the teacher on something way doper!”

25:40 Lil Wayne was just waiting to takeover during his Hot Boyz days, “Ohh I can’t wait! I can’t wait ’til it’s my turn!”

28:00 Lil Wayne explains the moment he realized it was birth of his stardom when he was on tour with Hot Boyz.

:30 Lil Wayne is in happy disbelief with Cash Money’s lasting success” “It’s still unbelievable everyday… I see Slim smiling about music… We still doing this.”

2:20 Lil Wayne is a “proud father” first over being an musician.

3:00 Wayne’s passion for sports comes from, “My grandmother… She was super into sports… [Even] if it was golf… She didn’t watch the stories [Soap Operas]”

5:15 Lil Wayne is a Boston Red Sox, Packers, and Lakers fan: “I’m loyal…ladies…hint, hint”

5:30 But Wayne isn’t necessarily looking to get married again, “Why you asking me bullshit?!”

7:55 Lil Wayne never wrote a book but his Rikers Island experience will be published: “I kept a journal…I started writing shit everyday…”

11:00 Thoughts on the deposition video: “I do not recall.”

13:00 Lil Wayne’s best skate move, “I 180’d on 5-stairs steps. That was crazy…The last trick you do is always the best one…”

Tune  loves talking about… Um, pussy… “Why wouldn’t I?! What else would I talk about… What you want me to talk about, the world?”

… and he continued, “If you let me do another solo album named Pussy, I’ll do it”

16:50  Lil wayne is unaware of what happens in the world unless it appears on SportsCenter: “It didn’t cross the fucking bottom of SportsCenter.. I ain’t know it happened”

Answering some fan questions:

18:25 Young artist asked what it takes to progress in music? “Keep going.. And believe in what you’re doing…You’ll never stop as long as you believe in it.”

21:00 The process of selecting production, “It has to hit my ear soon as the beat drops, I had to hear an idea already…”

22:28 A young boy asked, How do you come up with your songs? “I still ask myself that question…I just be me, and come up with whatever I come up with.”

24:25 What sparked the evolution of Wayne’s style from 500 Degreez to Tha Carter?

“The answer is, I couldn’t rap how I wanted to rap. I would have a rap book.. with a whole gang of raps that I can’t rap to Baby and them, they didn’t wanna hear that flow.… Tha Carter, I’m doing my own thing, I rapped how I wanted to rap..”

25:40 In the end, how would Lil Wayne want to be remembered?

“I wanna be remembered as a humble, good soul.. like a Willie Nelson.. remember, just everyone fucked with you… like a Snoop Dogg…”

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