7 Reasons to Watch Situational Comedy, “This Is Hot 97″….


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Is it a reality show? Well, sort of. But Hot 97 is billing their collab with VH1 (“This Is Hot 97”) as a situational comedy, so, while it may feature real people, the true reality is that it’s highly scripted to feature comedic arcs. With that said, here’s the low-down on episode one’s most haha moments.

1. Surprise!

Ebro Darden, the station’s Program Director, introduces the VH1 cameras to his crew and Cipha Sounds has to huddle away from Ebro’s seat and gather his assorted snacks (nom nom nom) at the same time.

2. You Can’t Be Serious!?

During the same meeting Miss Info (the serious journalist) relays to all after learning VH1 is behind the show: A) She will not be fighting co-worker Laura Stylez and B) Info will be “wearing panties all the time.”

3. Kingdom Come(s) Apart?

Funkmaster Flex and Angie Martinez are billed as the king and queen of Hot and their interactions could only occur between two titans such as them. First, Angie Mar has to inform Flex of the big news because a “guy of my stature doesn’t need to be a meetings,” per the Big Dawg. “You either,” he assures the Voice of New York.


Resident funnymen Ciph and Rosenberg interview Laura Stylez as a hazing attempt (no Cognito) and when their new morning co-host lists her fav. foods, which include Indian and Mexican cuisine, Ciph replies: You hate America.

5. The Office Meets The Block

Ebro as Michael Scott.

6. Digital Game Mean

Angie vs. Flex: Tweet Fighters. The two vets duke it out over followers (Angie), who tweets more (Flex) and to our surprise—who is actually doing the tweeting.

7. Kanye West. Tells. Ebro. He. Doesn’t. Do. TV.

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