Verse Behavior: The 15 Best My Krazy Life Quotables


YG and DJ Mustard struck gold when they paired the party inducing sounds of Mustard‘s production with YG’s classic tales of life in Compton, California. The rapper/producer tandem made it known that they were a force to be reckoned with when YG’s club banger “My Nigga” became a national hit, peaking at number 19 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Many were aware that YG could kill the club, but what could he do over the course of an album?

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Though he’s from the same place, YG isn’t as lyrically-inclined as his Compton counterpart Kendrick Lamar. But for what he lacks in rappity-rap skills, he makes up for with charisma and energy. His story is one that will resonate with many. Let’s take a look at some of the best moments from YG’s My Krazy Life. —Majid Tejan-Jalloh

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BPT” (Verse 1)

“‘Hamad threw a right, duck, hit him with the left, bop-bop!/
Two to the chin, bop! One to the chest/
One to the ribs, the haymaker didn’t connect/
Dropped him but didn’t stomp him cause that’s disrespect, woo!”
That’s how I got put on”

YG relives the day he was introduced to the gang life, the theme throughout the album. As many know, a gang member is usually initiated by getting jumped in. YG paints that picture with a punch-by-punch breakdown on the album’s opening salvo.

BPT” (Verse 2)

“My whole family tried to save me but it didn’t work/
Momma know I’ve been bangin’ lately, nigga”

The life of a gang member can be stressful, not only for them, but their family as well. YG tells us how his whole brood has been trying to stop him from this lifestyle, yet the to no avail. He’s committed to the life.

Bicken Back Bein Bool” (Verse 1)

“I’m a real Bompton nigga with a motherfucking attitude/
Walk up in the spot, you would think that a nigga mad at you”

The general assumption of gang members is that people either don’t like or are intimidated by them because of how they walk, talk, dress, etc. YG is well aware of this and very upfront about it. Instead of conforming or playing nice, he’s going to wear that chip on his shoulder like a fashion trend.

Bicken Back Bein Bool” (Verse 2)

“It’s a must in the county, I ain’t have no pagers/
My bitch wouldn’t come see me, I was in there masturbating”

YG recounts the time he spent in jail for a robbery. His struggle wasn’t about beef with other sets and missing years of his life, instead he’s upset because his girl stopped contacting him and he was forced to rub one out every night.

Meet The Flockers” (Verse 1)

“Don’t be scared, nigga, you’re in now/
If the police come, you gonna find out who your friends now”

In this verse YG gives a rundown of a home invasion robbery, from the set up to the psyche of those who partake. This bar captures everything involved with that lifestyle—once you’re in, you’re in and if the police come, you will know who really is your homie when it comes to that interrogation room.

Me and My Bitch” (Verse 2)

“And they ask me why I trust no bitch/
Cause my ex had me feeling all embarrassed and shit”

Everybody gives rappers the side-eye for their treatment of females. Phrases like ¨money over bitches”and ¨trust no hoe¨ have been echoed for years. In this line, YG makes the listener take a step back to understand this ideology. YG used to be a loving guy who put his woman before his bros, but then he found out that she was cheating on him with his friends and his enemies. His ¨trust no bitch¨ mantra doesn’t come from a misguided place of hate, but instead the feelings of embarrassment that come along when dealing with an untrustworthy female. Very telling.

Really Be” (Verse 1)

“I’m pressed when I’m stressed, my granny tell me I’m blessed/
Well, why the fuck do Jesus Christ got me goin’ through this shit?/
Everybody need favors, what happens if I go broke?/
Or say I ain’t got it, then buy my lolo some new spokes”

These may be YG’s most introspective bars on the album. The idea that his grandmother tells him that he’s blessed, but he can’t see it because of the hard times that he’s going through is relatable for those who go through the struggle. Then there’s making it and having to deal with all of those who are asking for handouts and favors. Do you do like MC Hammer and feed the city until you’re filing Chapter 11 or do you say forget it and please yourself?

Really Be” (Verse 2)

“Meanwhile I’m grindin’ cause drug money ain’t like rap money/
Four white kilo snow bunny, equal one whole show, dummy”

Kendrick Lamar’s guest verse comes equipped with a quotable as you would expect. The rapper does some simple math to give us the the digs on why he rather rap than stand on the corner.

1AM” (Verse 1)

“And we ain’t get disciplined, her friend started whisperin’/
About how she was a bad mama, mama said “Fuck ’em then””

As a young thug, YG’s criminal lifestyle affected the perception of his mother by her friends. They all started talking behind her back about she was a bad mother because of her son’s decision. Instead of ragging on her son, YG’s mother said ¨Fuck you¨ to those who talked down on her.

1AM” (Verse 2)

“So we left, with a thousand dollars cash/
It was me and my nigga, so you know I went half/
Then shit get real when niggas get greedy/
Pop, pop, pop, pow, that’s when he leave me”

YG begins a tale of betrayal which led to his arrest and imprisonment. After a successful robbery, YG’s friend turns on him and looks to take his share. A shootout occurred where nobody got hurt, but YG caught knocked by the cops. The tale of wrong, following wrong, will forever be part of this lifestyle and leaves YG in a predicament where he realizes that he can’t trust anyone.

Sorry Momma” (Verse 1)

“You can’t buy me them J’s that come out tomorrow/
So get used to the things that I’m doing for dollars”

YG brings us into the psyche of a young boy hustling for paper. YG knows that his mother’s Section 8 financial situation isn’t going to allow him to get the money that he needs to buy nice things, so he turned to the streets and could care less if she approved of it or not.

When I Was Gone” (Verse 1)

“For all my niggas doing time, I know how it get/
Yo homies disappear, and yo bitch turn into a flip”

YG’s time in the prison system taught him that people don’t care about you when you’re down. His so-called friends turned their backs on him and his girlfriend started messing around with other dudes. You can hear the pain his delivery as he acknowledges this sad truth.

Verdict: Overall, My Krazy Life is an interesting album for it’s updated perspective on the life of a gang member from one of America’s most notorious neighborhoods. YG’s story is the perfect layout for one to understand the perspective and mindset of a man who is committed to that lifestyle.

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