7 Best Quotes From “This Is Hot 97” Episode 2


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Episode two is titled “The Menage” and follows Rosenberg’s pursuit of two blondes.

1. The Kingpin Looms Large

“I got a guy for that,” says Funk Flex, who, in addition to deejaying, digital, cars and more, the heavyweight jock knows someone who can kill Angie Martinez off—in a video game, that is; we hope.

2. They Don’t Call Him Mack For Nothing

Mack Wilds (the episode MVP) dropped by to give Rosenberg, with Ciph in tow, advice on scoring two ladies at the same time: “Don’t be you,” he explains, before adding “you got to own these corners.”

3. Reception Is Fuzzy

Rosenberg in reply to the advice is to be: “Snoop Dogg meets Prince.”

4. Mis-Info

“You’re the only one that cares,” Info says about Flex. If she only knew. Watch to find out why.

5. The Good Wife

Rosenberg is scheming on a three-some throughout the episode with his wife and VH1’s Carrie Keegan. When he suggests taking things up another level, the missus, well, misses the hint. “What do you wanna, like, dance,” she asks.

6. Laughed Out

“HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH,” Keegan replies when the hints are no longer subtle.

7. #BlameEbro

Ebro suggested Rosenberg go for it in the first place but after he falls on his face, tying his misfire together with the Summer Jam/Nicki brouhaha, the Old Man advises: “Stay away from menages.”

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