Verse Behavior: The 12 Best Dream.Zone.Achieve Quotables


Smoke DZA career has picked up steam these past few years after recording records with everyone from Wiz Khalifa to A$AP Rocky. His smooth delivery and witty bars have brought him a long way and it doesn’t look like that’s going to stop with his new album, Dream.ZONE.Achieve.

Dream.ZONE.Achieve gives us an in-depth look into the Kush Gawd, past blowing, well,  Kush. It reveals his true character and intentions, while giving you that laid back vibe that DZA is known for over production from Harry Fraud and DJ Dahi. Here are the best quotables from DZA’s Dream.ZONE.Achieve. Majid Tejan-Jalloh

“Ghost of Dipset” (Verse 1)

“Nigga getting chicken extra dinner rolls/
Fuck the politics, see many come, many go/
Few real niggas, few niggas told/
Broke hearts like when Ewing missed the finger roll/”

A pure New York reference here. Smoke DZA’s speaks on disloyalty in the streets by comparing the effect a snitch has on the city to the crucial layup that Patrick Ewing missed in the 1995 Eastern Conference Semifinals.

“Ghost of Dipset” (Verse 1)

“I play the block with the youngins/
Like a recruiter on any Marthin Luther/
Acquainted with shooters, the randomous killings/
Is pure entertainment, to a nigga that’s brainless hands/
On the stainless, tryna get famous/”

DZA continues his street tirade with a twist on the famous ¨Íf I shoot you I’m brainless¨ premise. He weaves through the bars like a boxer ducking jabs here, sinister yet witty.

“City of Dreams” (Verse 1)

“Bitch, fuck your feelings like New York been soft since another cali nigga came and crushed the buildings/
Niggas squares like Sicilians/”

The Kush Gawd becomes the latest New York emcee to speak on Kendrick Lamar’s classic ¨Control¨ verse. The difference here is that he points the finger towards the city, advising them to step it up.

“City of Dreams” (Verse 2)

“This for my homies trying to step they grams up/
This ain’t for niggas wearing leather pants, bruh/
They arguing about who’s real/
Bunch of niggas dressing like Dru Hill, dude chill/”

No knock to anyone’s fashion choices, but the way that he delivers this set is great. The Kush Gawd only does the freshest of the ‘Lo sweaters.

“Jigga Flow” (Verse 2)

“Watch out for the leeches and b*** waveriders and hoes/
That come over sober with alterior motives/
Weed out the fake friends/
Shit be all good when they in/
That’s your man tell him no for something see then/”

DZA drops knowledge too. The downside of success is having to figure whose who once you get there. Are the people that you’re with, with you?

“Fhvt BVsturd” (Verse 1)

“Forreal you in line for the Bordeaux’s/
I’m on a first class line, bout to board tho/”

DZA goes on to stunt on those who think they’re doing it big by buying some Jordans. While you were waiting on line for some sneakers who probably got for free, he’s across the world performing  in countries that don’t even speak English. A not-so-humble brag.

“Hearses” (Verse 3)

“Another vehicular homicide, Chris Dorner sniper lies/
Sandy Hook, Columbine, minus the crisis actors/”

Here’s DZA on his casual conspiracy theory-ish. After the shooting at an elementary school in Sandy Hook, Connecticut many speculated that the tragic event was all part of a major government plot. The conspiracies were fueled after videos of the victims’ family members featured some strange occurrences.

“I Don’t Know” (Verse 1)

“Biggest fear is being forty on the corner/
Stuck in this motherfucker without a choice/
I bust my ass for my kids they think the world of me/
Everything I do I got to do it with urgency/”

Smoke DZA is a man of character. This is one of the bars to support that statement. Though he may idolize illegal substances he’s not going to be a deadbeat to the ones that matter the most.

“I Don’t Know” (Verse 2)

“God forgive me wash away my sins/
Ask everyday but I’ma do it again/”

This is like the prayer of the streets. With all of the damage done, God may have a hard time forgiving DZA, but he asks for it anyway.

“Puzzle of Life” (Verse 1)

“According to others, I’ll always be this passive motherfucker/
To a certain extent  they right/
Saying ¨fuck it¨ help me get through a lot of nights/”

DZA gives us an even deeper look into his psyche. People around him think he’s too relaxed about things and to and even he has to acknowledge this about himself, he sometimes just takes the easy way out.

“Puzzle of Life” (Verse 2)

“Tunnel vision on winning, they call it selfish/
Who am I to better myself?/
Good dude, looked out, always willing to help/
Though motherfuckers take advantage/
Backdoor on the low slander/
Pillow talk with them bitches, talk your man up/”

We learn even more about DZA here. You would have never thought of one that calls himsel a “Kush Gawd” and leads what many would look at as a low-life lifestyle to be so selfless. It gets deeper as DZA speaks directly to those who take his kindness for weakness and even talk about him behind his back. I think he’s doing okay though.

“Puzzle of Life” (Verse 2)

“Smart niggas play dumb, a dumb nigga can’t play smart/
No matter how hard they try, they look retarded/”

The age old adage of a dummy is going to look like a dummy no matter what. DZA drops a lot of  knowledge like this throughout Dream.Zone.Achieve. Listen close.

“Black Independence” (Verse 2)

“If a rapper ain’t doing no shows he’s probably slow/
‘Cause most niggas doing it always be on the road/
No 3-60’s less it’s waves spinning/
Them whack deals ain’t designed for no niggas winning/
I’m over the weak advances/
Distribute your own shit, it’s better chances/
Fighting the same battle as Ye/
But don’t worry, we got the answer, Sway/’

The closing moments of Dream.ZONE.Achieve feature DZA preaching the sermon of being an active, independent artist. Rappers are wisening up to the traps of a major label and 360 deals. With new outlets to connect with fans and touring being a major revenue stream, DZA and other artist have found a way to get their points across without compromising their artistry.

Verdict: Overall,  Smoke DZA’s Dream.ZONE.Achieve is dope for it’s laid back vibe and entertaining narrator. Every couple of bars he says something that makes you crack a smile or just have to respect. While the album could have been shorter, it makes for a good listen and DZA won’t be losing any fans with this one, and infact may make some if they get a chance to zone to this one.

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