On The Sneak Tip: New Balance Inspired by Yeezy?


To the human eye this custom may look like any other solar red Yeezy custom, but when put under a microscope this exclusive New Balance rendition definitely has unique qualities of it’s own.

Allow me to re-introduce…

My name is Andre Wright Jr., CEO at Color of Life, and seasoned photographer. About a year ago, I reached out to Alexander-John after spotting the pigeon AFIII’s. I expressed my love for the New Balance brand as a avid collector and suggested the use of the under utilized 580 model. But, with a Yeezy twist.


After agreeing on the fact that this concept had never been done before, Alexander and I set out to make the design one to remember. Alexander skillfully hand engraved the snake scale design into the side heel, then used a special matte black dye finish to cover the rest of the suede and mesh. The shoe also features a glowing mid-sole towards the front and comes laced with grey suede laces with gold tips by Aglit Italy. A exclusive print by @JDLoza and a second pair of “art pink” laces by Aglit Italy are also included when you purchase this pair.


There are only 10 slots for this piece of art, which we just announced today, here, exclusively.

For quick order info just email Alexanderjohndesign@gmail.com or Coloroflifephotography@comcast.net and be sure to follow @iamalexanderjohn and @coloroflife on IG for more exclusives in the coming days..

Now, gawn and touch the sky!


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