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10 Best Hip-Hop Moments on “The Tonight Show”…So Far


Today is Tax Day, but it also marks the two-month mark since Jimmy Fallon took the reins of “The Tonight Show” from Jay Leno. He started with a hip-hop spark featuring Will Smith, his and JT’s raps and Brian Williams’ surprising participation. Now, he’s settled into a grove and relaxed to his mean. Still, the beat don’t stop. Here, we recount the best hip-hop moments of “The Tonight Show”…so far.—Brent Lauren Ford and Jayson Rodriguez

10. Jimmy Fallon & Will Smith, the first official guest of the new regime, work their way through decades of the dopest dance moves.

The pair go from “The Cabbage Patch” to “The Stanky Legg” to “twerking”—all while wearing denim overalls and fresh pairs of Timberland contructs.

9. Black Thought: Case of the Mondays

What’s a little office banter between co-workers? Here, in a new signature bit, BT interrupts Jimmy’s monologue to chat about St. Patty’s Day and get the week off to a good start.


8. Sam Jackson does a spoken-word piece on the classic ’90s sitcom “Boy Meets World.”

You haven’t heard the story of Cory Matthews told quite like this. Sam Jacks brings a little flavor to the coming of age series.

7.Channeling the weather


6. A Hathaway sings the raps.

Jimmy and Anne Hathaway get their Baker Boys on as the two twist Broadway theme onto some of hip-hop’s grittiest tracks.


5. The Roots recap “The Bachelor.”

Questlove y Tariq play Andy and Juan Pablo in this reenactment of the popular reality TV series; it might not be hip-hop, per se, but the leaders of hip-hop’s best band make anything iller with their involvement.


4. Nas & Q-Tip takeover Tonight….

Queens reigned supreme as Nas celebrated the 20-year anniversary of illmatic by performing “One Love.”

3. Brian Williams raps “Rapper’s Delight.”

What you read is not a test, B-boogie rapped to the beat, with the help of a patient editor and probably a few interns on the research tip. He even brought a friend along, Lester Holt.


2. Reality, you know ‘Rik’s got it.

Big Black Thought fans on this side. The under-appreciated rapper recaps the latest round of reality TV in, well, rap form. Hungh!


1. The best Prime Time Rap Duo are at it again.

JF and JT continue their “History of Rap” tradition by performing a lyrical medley of hits from Tone Loc, Drake, Biggie & RUN DMC (just to name a few).  


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