Watch Bill O’Reilly Ask 4 Racially Suspect Questions in 3 Minutes

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You mad, doggie?!

Ol’ Bill interviewed John Calipari about the college hoops coach’s new book last night and instead of talking athletics and leadership the Fox News blow hard went for the jugular. He attacked, of all things, not the draconian policies of the NCAA toward student-atheletes, not Cal’s loose ways with recruits, not even the standard trope: graduation rates.

Instead, Bill starts with, “this rap stuff,” saying its coarsened students.

Less we forget, Bill used to be a teacher in his wayward years before he turned to theatricks for dollars.

But in a very succint three minutes the pundit asks 1) How do you impose discipline on kids that are, pretty much gonna do what they wanna do [because of their music choice]? 2) Do they act differently to you, do they use four-letter words? 3) How do you keep them away from temptation with the hustlers everywhere?

The insinuations are disgusting and he’s reaching for connections between hip-hop and degenerates worse than James Harden at the top of the key in isolation on defense.

O’Reilly, you really riling me up.


Watch here.

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