What’s a Belfie? Learn From Some of The Hottest Women on Instagram


Selfies are a girl’s best friend. Belfies, on the other hand, are not. For those unfamiliar, a “belfie” is a backwards or booty selfie. Remember when Kim K Instagramed that picture of herself in a white bathing suit shortly after giving birth to North? Belfie. Can’t post one if you got no junk in the trunk now can ya? If you’re lucky and experienced enough, the proper angle will produce the desired results. However, more than often it’s essential that your backside packs on some extra weight. Need some tips? Just watch and learn how the pros do it.


We all know Nicki Minaj loves her selfies. Here’s a belfie she posted to her Instagram with a caption that read “5 more lbs to go.” No Nicki, you’re just fine.


Just in case you needed a closer look, she followed her first post with a close-up captioned “Cuz its finally famous.”

iggy-azalea-2Here’s a filtered post from blond-beauty Iggy Azalea. Take note of the similarity in stance between her and Nicki…angles (not that they need the extra help).


While unsure if this constitutes as a belfie, it’s still a lovely exhibit of what Iggy’s backside had to offer. Looks like a MacBook belfie to me.


Check Niykee Heaton out. She’s got a sex appeal so ill she’s got no need to pose in typical belfie body twist form. Again, there are angles to this. Find out which one works for you and run with it.

niykee-heaton-2 In case you doubted what Niykee has to offer. kaylin-garcia

This is what a belfie that isn’t posted on your own page should look like. If ever in question, refer to Joe Budden’s Instagram account, scroll a couple weeks months down and BOOM.


Rihanna, queen of selfies on Instagram. Here she is posing with a nice straight back while sitting lightly enough so that her bottom gives a fuller appearance. Ladies, pay attention…angles.

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