Every now and again there emerges a rapper who possesses an aura that is immediately felt by all within earshot. Here’s the newest heir to ‘pimp rap,’ the coldest Mack in the game with hair so fly you might want to watch your girl around him, 100s. The California-raised rapper released him debut mixtape, Ice Cold Perm, back in October 2013 teaching listeners the essentials of the pimp game, while telling stories of women tripping over each other at the chances of filing his nails and braiding his hair. Damn, that man’s smooth.


In 2013 Complex named 100s one of 25 new rappers to watch out for. However, after his debut on the popular Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack, 100s began receiving regular placement all over the mainstay hip-hop blogs. His slick talk on “Life of a Mack” gave gamers the confidence to backhand anyone that got in their way of completing a mission. With lyrics like: “Nigga, watch and observe my mack antics/She ain’t, she ain’t never seen nothin’ like this/Two braids, West coast, straight bumpin’ like this,” defeat held no possibility.

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Cool, calm and collected are the second best trio of words to describe this Ice Cold Mack (Ice Cold Mack being the first). 100s, currently signed to Fool’s Gold Records, definitely owns his lane and FG mastermind A-Trak can agree. In a press release about 100s joining the team, A-Track stated: “Here at Fool’s Gold, I’ve seen Kid Cudi and Danny Brown go from underground misfits to true cult leaders, and trust me, 100s is next up.”

In March, 100s released an 8-track project, IVRY, named after the place he called home for a vast period of his youth, the Ivory Coast. The tape is short, but pretty damn good to say the least. Similar to Ice Cold Perm, with a lot more confidence and comfort, 100s continues to drop bars on the essence of pimping (in case a struggling mack out there is in search of guidance).

Having lady troubles you say? You might want to give him a listen.

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