Next 5 Things to Happy to Donald Sterling, Clippers, NBA…


Wow. That was swift and decisive action by Adam Silver. The NBA commissioner suspended the Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling indefinitely, effectively removing the longtime owner from the league and presumably forcing him to sell his team. The ramifications won’t reveal themselves immediately, but the historic ruling will create ripples right away; here’s what to pay attention to in the interim. —Jayson Rodriguez

1. Donald Sterling is gone, but not without taking a pound of flesh before he foes.

The worst team in the NBA, the Milwaukee Bucks were sold last year for $550 million dollars. The Bucks are a small-market team, with no stars and a history of watching the playoffs from the outside. Sterling bought the Clips eons ago and, reportedly, owns the land the Staples Center is built on. Expect Sterling’s team to fetch upwards of $800 Ms.

2. “Racism still alive they just be concealing it,”—Kanye West

Start at 4:42 and listen as long as you want. Sports journalist and cultural critic Bomani Jones has Blake-in-the-paint accuracy with his point here. He takes Sterling to task not for his recent flub, but the housing discrimination violation he settled in the mid-aughts.

3. The Clippers will rally and break the series tie tonight.

The Clippers protested before warmup, by refusing to sport the team logo on their chestk and wearing black socks and arm bands, however, they had a heavy burden on them way before jump ball. Doc Rivers and co. were up on GSW two games to one, but Steph Curry lead a rally and evened the series at two a piece in the way of the then explosive allegations. Now, expect CP3, Blake and the rest of the team to rally to pull ahead in the best of seven bout.

4. Sterling Silver.

It was with an immense shadow encompassing him that Adam Silver took the reins as NBA commissioner from David Sterm and with less than three months in the hot things came to a boil. Silver was in an unusual circumstance having to discipline an owner when, in fact, the owners are who employ and voted on his ascendance. But Donald Sterling was the league’s longest tenured owner, from a bygone era, who Phil Jackson mocked as being J.V. and suffering Karma for his mishandling of basketball operations. The past five years have introduced a bevy of new owners into the NBA who are more Mark Cuban than Jerry Buss, which, smartly, Silver attached his wagon to and today he took the first step in leading and creating a partnership rather than a puppetry.

5. Magic, Diddy and the LAC ownership rumormill.

Diddy, Magic and many men (no women? Sup with that?) are pushing to be the next owners of LA’s hottest property, but, like new Yeezy’s, the line to buy is longer than a mid-concert Kanye rant. Ownership groups led by hedge fund managers and the likes have been sniffing around franchises like Sacramento, the Bucks and more, and, rest assured, they’re on speed dial at the NBA’s HQ. The rest of the owners must approve sales and new ownership, so, it’d be a long haul for Diddy; Magic, while a part of MLB’s Dodgers ownership has the pedigree, most still consider it a long shot.

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