‘Happy’ Belonged to Cee Lo & 20 Other Mind-Blowing Moments From Pharrell’s Howard Stern Interview


Pharrell’s kicked it with Howard Stern on Tuesday morning and had quite the conversation. In an hour long discussion, the two talked Pharrell’s career, inspirations, tofu, working with other artists and more. Unless you’re a die-heart Pharrell (or Howard Stern) fan with a hour of time to free up, listening to interview in its entirety might not be possible. So, here are 21 of the most interesting, thought provoking or just quirky things the two talked about. Thank me in a tweet.

2:15 – Pharrell talks making his first solo record, which interestingly enough he wasn’t in a hurry to do.

5:15 – Old news for some and unbelievable for the rest; Pharrell talks about the eight songs he originally wrote for Michael Jackson. MJ, however, didn’t pick them up, but Justin Timberlake did.

4:19 –  Some, more than others, are into the “zodiac thing.” Pharrell refers to Prince as a “Genius Gemini,” who as any true Gemini lives by their conviction. “There’s a particular king of Gemini energy.

7:16 – There was this one time Pharrell and Madonna were in the studio and things got slightly heated. Pharrell explain what really happened, and no worries everything was squashed right then and there.

22:25 – If you didn’t already know, Pharrell is the man responsible for Robin Thick’s hit single, “Blurred Lines,” and so is a girl. Who? We’re not sure, but she was clearly going through something at the moment and Pharrell did what he does best; turned it into a song.  “A good girl has bad thoughts just like a bad person has bad thoughts.”

25:06 – Pharrell, you could have chosen any man to sing that song (Blurred Lines). Why Robin Thicke?

26:57 – “’80s folks had great taste in music.” – Pharrell

27:05 – This was a time when Pharrell dabbled in music with Miley in one room and Robin in the next. What was that about? Pharrell loves the different kinds of energies. Play it back a few seconds earlier for the full story.

30:00 – At this mark Pharrell begins talking about working with others; artists that get “it.” He mentioned Snoop Dogg and Jay Z at the 30:30 mark and elaborates on Gwen Stefani at the 33:48 mark.


33:48 – Gwen Stefani gets it and she ain’t no “Holla Back Girl.”

36:31 – Pharrell is classically trained in the drums if you didn’t alresdy know. Big ups to his teacher, who’s name he mentions.

37:05 – Okay, this is where he really talks about writing the Gwen Stefani hit. Insanely enough, that session took an entire day. It started 5 a.m. and continued throughout the day. Hope you guys know Pharrell isn’t a morning person.

39:10 – Cee Lo was actually meant to sing “Happy,” but…he didn’t. Listen as Pharrell comes out with a diplomatically correct answer as to why he sang the final version and not Cee-Lo.

51:00 – How many times do you think you’ve got to get fired from a McDonalds before they really pull the plug on your rehire status? After being terminated 3 times, from 3 separate McDonalds, Pharrell tried one more and to no one’s surprise, he was not rehired. Guess word got around that he was a “poor-worker,” who ate all the chicken nuggets. It’s quite interesting to know how far Pharrell would go for a pair of Adidas. This part’s good.

53:40 – Pharrell talks eating hash brownies and falling asleep at the toilet in McDonalds. Just kidding, that apparently wasn’t true…or was it?


54:14 Remember “Drop It Like It’s Hot”? Well, that was a record born out of contact and I’m not talking meet and greet. Pharrell elaborate on Snoop’s unbelievable Zen and let’s everyone know the Dogg’s album is almost done.

59:45 – American Idol has approached Pharrell about being one of the judges, but Pharrell didn’t quite make the cut. Needless to say, it was a mutual agreement. Listen in and find out why. It’s here that Pharrell also elaborates on his thoughts of Adele. No worries, he thinks she’s great and I do too.

1:02:45 – The first caller of the night speaks with Pharrell, ask if he’s a “tofu-eating-kind-of-guy.” The answer is no. Pharrell likes Snickers, but there’s more and it gets interesting. He goes on to say record companies are afraid – Pharrell, not the caller.

1:06:00 – Pharrells a “man of the people.” If you work at a donut shop, you’re not bringing donuts home every night. That’s very thought provoking Pharrell…very.

1:06:55 – It’s super adorable that most of Pharrell’s inspiration can come from a talk with his wife, but that’s not all. He’s also inspired by movies and test driving things.

1:08:58  – A caller that attended school with Pharrell taps the line to tell Mr. Williams it was annoying when he use to beat his pencils on his desk all damn day long. It’s no longer annoying. The caller thanks Pharrell.

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