Here’s Why Kevin Hart is the Most Sensible Man in Hollywood


Kevin Hart is featured in GQ’s comedy issue and in a sprawling profile of the Philly comic, a pattern starts to emerge: He’s seriously…about his business.

Of course he is, you say, he’s a star. Right? Right. But here’s how he got there and some of the best decisions he’s made along the way.

1. HartBeat Productions

Fake it to you make it, generally leaves folks with car leases and absurd notes they can pay. But Hart did it in a different way. According to Seth Rogen, Kev was one of the first people he knew who set up his own production company (which, at this point, is standard stuff). But the 215 comic was thinking ahead and used to have his homeboy pick up his cell and answer HartBeat. You might have laughed then, but later, KH is underwriting his own projects and is also an executive behind his hits, including “Real Husbands of Hollywood.”

2. Not Eddie, Not Rock, Not Pryor

Most comedians are a derivative of their heroes, much like Chris Rock is the new Pryor, and Dave Chappelle is the new George Carlin. But Hart had a different vision for himself, less Blake Carrington and more like Ming. Hart looked up to Hov.

3. How Many Drinks?

Hart infamously suffered the indignity of a DUI last, and instead of putting himself at risk of another infraction, the comedian bought a Benz bus, i.e. the Sprinter and now it also doubles as his mobile office.

Designed to seat twelve, the “party bus” has been customized for his comfort: dark hardwood floors, leather walls, satellite TV, WiFi, a bar, a fridge, a couch, and two fifty-inch televisions.

4. He Legitimately Multi-Tasks

Backstage at Jimmy Kimmel Live! Hart does the following: puts the finishing touches on a script for his LeBron James movie collaboration, conducts his GQ interview, sends notes to a director for another movie he’s currently filming and changes for his appearance on the talk-show.

5. He’s Likeable.

Seth Rogen, Ice Cube and Chris Rock give glowing quotes about Hart. His team is comprised of all guys he came up with, rather than ditching his less famous comic friends for a batch of A-listers. And he works, hard, tirelessly promoting his projects on TV, Twitter and any other opportunity he gets all without hamming it up to suffer a backlash.

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