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Plies & The-Dream Release Two Very Different Donald Sterling Dis Songs…


It goes without saying the hip-hop and hoops worlds are both equally up in arms overs L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s racially jarring comments, which TMZ and Deadspin unearthed. The result of Sterling’s words were a lifetime ban from the NBA as delivered by Commissioner Adam Silver. But to put the final nail in the coffin, Plies and The-Dream both released tracks to touch on the situation.

Plies, for as bold of a title as he chose, and it’s about as blunt as a Phillie backed with green, put forth a serious economic empowerment sentiment in his track; Sterling ain’t give players money, the players made money for Sterling.

Plies “Donald Sterling: Racist Muthafucka.”

The-Dream set forth to deliver an R.Kelly-esque “Ali” type of track, but while his heart was in the right place, his aim was all over the place.

The-Dream “Black.”

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