10 People We Know Shouldn’t THINK About Buying The Clipper


Donald Sterling’s ban from the NBA has certainly sparked the interest of many in wanting to own the LA team. In addition to Magic Johnson itching for ownership, Dr. Dre, Oprah, Floyd Mayweather and others have also expressed interest. Keep yourself updated with “A Constantly Updated List of the Celebs Who Wanna Buy the Clippers….

Owning the LA Clippers has never been a hotter commodity. To all those in bid; may the best man, or woman, win. There are some people, however, who need absolutely nothing to do with owning the Clippers. I’m just being honest.

  1. Amanda Bynes: Dear Amanda, I’m afraid your deep love for “chocolate men” isn’t quite enough to own the LA Clippers. #NeverForgetAMANDA-BYNES-CHOCOLATE2AMANDA-BYNES-CHOCOLATE
  2. Kanye West: Leather shorts on the court will never work, but what do I know…I ain’t got the answers.
  3. Nas: Couldn’t hold a marriage. Maybe an entire team isn’t the best thing right now…or ever. Still love the music, always a fan.
  4. Rick Ross, French Montana & the rest of MMG: You Maybach Music rappers are dope and all, but let’s face it. The Clippers are totally out of your league. Besides, Ross couldn’t even keep a Reebok deal…shots? As for French, it just ain’t right.Khloe-Kardashian-French-Montana
  5. Russell Simmons: You don’t need to be a part of everything Russ! Stick to those RushCards and whatever else you got going on. S’all love.
  6. Kris Jenner: Someone pass on the memo please: Kris Jenner is NOT responsible Kim’s success, Ray-J is. Thanks.
  7. Blue Ivy Carter: It’s hard to tell when Blue will stop being ‘youngest’ one in charge. She’s already topped Billboard Charts, starred in a big-time documentary and been on tour. Leave owning the Clippers to someone a bit more experienced Blue. Stick to the private basketball court in your backyard.
  8. 40oz Van: It’s a family league and you, my brother, are not safe for work. The hats are still dope though.40oz-ny-la-balmain
  9. Paula Deen: Not exactly the best way to resurrect your career Paula…try again.
  10. @Donald Sterling: …Blake_Griffin_and_Chris_Paul_in_their_road_jerseys
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