Intervention: Rihanna, You’re Suffering From ‘Lonely-Girl-Syndrome’


Rihanna is a bully. We all know that and not because G.O.O.D lady Teyana Taylor has previously said so, but because we’ve witnessed her mean-girl antics firsthand via Twitter and Instagram. I’m not sure who’s worse: Rihanna; her bestie, Melissa Forde; or the Navy.

We also know that Rihanna just gives zero eff-yu-cee-kays. However, what you don’t know is that Rihanna suffers from, what I’ve diagnosed, as “Lonely-Girl-Syndrome,” which really shouldn’t even come as that much of a surprise. Her family remains in the homeland, her boyfriend’s on his own tours and, quite frankly, I’d like to think Ms. Forde also has a life of her own to lead.

Without time to waste, here are 5 key indicators of Rih Rih’s impairment.

It’s, OK, girl, I get lonely, too.

LONELY-GIRL SYMPTOM #1: Throwing Shade At Fans

It all started at the top of 2012 with a tweet from Jaree Strozier, who’s handle is @JuhReeV. Strozier posted a tweet expressing her displeasure with Rihanna and Chris Brown. The tweet read: “I gotta admit, I lost alot of respect for @rihanna. Makin a song w/ the dude that beat your face off is not a good look.” Rihanna, who at the time had over 14 million Twitter followers, replied with a tweet that read: “@JuhReeV neither is your avi #clapback,” referring to Jaree Strozier’s Twiter avatar.


LONELY-GIRL SYMPTOM #2: “Rihtaliating” With Sub-Tweets

With currently over 35 millions followers and countless mentions, one would think the Bajan beauty would find no time to reply to the negative comments darted her way, but somehow she does. This next tweet is especially interesting because Joan Rivers didn’t even @ Rihanna!

It’s okay. Two can play that game Joan. Rihanna “rihtaliates.”


My Spidey senses tell me Rihanna doesn’t follow Joan, so how did she know about the tweet? Well, doesn’t everyone look up their name on Twitter when they get home…or nah? For all we know someone could have sent her a screen shot like “Yo Robyn, check this.” BOOM.

LONELY-GIRL SYMPTOM #3: Throwing Endless Shade At Your Ex-Boyfriend’s Girlfriend

My personal favorite dagger came shortly after Rih’s “Birthday Cake” remix, where she complimented a line (shot) in her song with a picture of rice cakes wearing hoop earrings and sunglasses on Instagram. Can poor Karrueche catch a break? Apparently not. Of course, since then the post has been deleted.


“Remember how you did it?
Remember how you fit it?

If you still wanna kiss it
Come and get it
Sweeter than a rice cake, Cake worth sipping
Kill it, tip it, cake, fill it

Rihanna’s most recent shot at Chris Brown’s original on-and-off girlfriend is this.

Oh, but we can’t forget the Halloween shade. Will it ever end? Maybe once her and Drake tie the knot?

In case you were wondering, Rihanna’s Anti-Basic Recipe…hmmm.

LONELY-GIRL SYMPTOM #4: Throwing Subliminal Shade At Your On-And-Off Ex-Boyfriend

Caption: “Got a thang for a King, but chu ain’t a King!!!” OUCH!

Uh oh, Chris…looks like you owe Rihanna something.


Oh and let’s not forget hers and Teyana Taylor’s “I’m worth more than you” feud  equipped with all the sub-tweets one could ever ask for. Where does she find the time for all of this?! The tours, shopping sprees and endless magazine spreads are clearly not keeping Robyn Fenty busy enough.


Rihanna, really doesn’t like the basics. Wonder who she’s referring to this time.

If there’s one thing a Grade A lonely girl does is post a whole bunch on nonsense on Instagram, whether it be a sub or dumb meme (and lots of them). Don’t believe me, just watch…

If you follow Rihanna on Instagram you can attest to her high volume of posting at once. Just got done with a shoot in Brazil? Well here are 6 pictures…in a row! Out in an exotic land with Melissa? Here’s 7 different pictures showcasing every angle of the body. Maybe this shouldn’t even classify as a symptom. Rich girl problems perhaps?

Well, let’s talk about all the past pictures of ex-beau Chris Brown and her: DELETED. And most of her shade tweets and Instagram posts…DEE-LEETE. Who’s got time to actually sit there and delete, delete, delete? Clearly Rihanna does. I’m just saying, over 2,000 photos on Instagram is a lot to look through, but she didn’t get rid of this one. I wonder why…

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