A Kid Raps on the Street Raps for Kanye, Kim…and Paps?


Kanye West
 was verbally assaulted on the streets of NYC … and he liked it … giving a total stranger several minutes to show off his rapping skills on camera.

Kanye and Kim Kardashian were walking to their home in SoHo when a guy — who’s either really brave or really dumb — ran up behind Kanye and boldly said, “I been working on my s***, trying to get better at it.” 

This is where old Kanye shoots the guy down and crushes his dreams — but the new KINDER Yeezy instead replied, “How’s it sound now?””

And then … the guy spits his rhyme for more than a minute straight! Kanye even waited for the guy to finish before walking into his building!!

Check out Kanye’s reaction — not sure the guy’s going on tour with him anytime soon, but still …

“The Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day.”  

Where are you Yeezy?! Well, apparently he’s in downtown Manhattan listening to upstart artists. Here, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian make their way back to ‘Ye’s SoHo apartment and on the way their, not only do paparazzi interview, but a hungry MC makes his way to the Chicago superstar to spit a couple of bars. What did Kanye think? Watch to find out.

Spotted at P&P.

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