Verse Behavior: The 10 Best Quotables From Styles P.’s ‘Phantom and the Ghost’


Styles P. is one of the most respected MC’s of all time because of his ability to rap of the street’s harsh tales with a convincing delivery. Whether he’s with the LOX or solo, Paniro stands on his own two feet and shows us up on records to deliver hard bars with their own fair share of wisdom.

“Phantom and The Ghost” is Styles’ latest project and by now you should know what you’re getting from the The Ghost: Hard beats, quality rapping, and bars that might scare you. Let’s take a look at some of the best moments from Styles P’s “Phantom and the Ghost.” — Majid Tejan-Jalloh | @jidsays

Never Safe(Verse 1)

Looking in the mirror, just telling myself to pray more
God ain’t taking cash for them sins you got to pay for

Styles is an ace when it comes to starting off strong. Here he brings something thought provoking to the table right off the bat. The money that he’s getting will hold no weight on Judgement Day.

Never Safe (Verse 1)
Shit, I’m just trynna talk sense to ya
Said he’s your homie, but I bet he won’t pay the rent for ya
But he’s chillin and gettin bent with ya
Sittin in the whip, just thinking of what I said to ya

After questioning himself, Styles makes the listener question themselves – their relationships. In a world where it’s hard to find people to trust, Styles’ lifestyle calls for very little in that department, so if you’re listening you might want to take a step back and assess the people around you like he suggests.

Never Safe (Verse 2)
All the money went where the hoes was
Your mind ain’t designer like the clothes was

A little slick wordplay here to drop some sarcastic wisdom as Styles tells the tale of a man who was too busy flashing to take care of his responsibilities.

Deeper Self (Verse 2)

Materialistic, but wouldn’t sell my soul for material
Homie die, we all go fly to the burial

This is fly. Styles comes out the gate with a hitter once again. If you’re going to mourn atleast revel where you can

World Tour (Verse 1)

We know what money buy, but what’s the price of the money cost?

I don’t think I’ve ever heard this idea put into perspective like this. We do whatever it takes to get the cash, but what effect does that have on us? Physically, emotionally, morally? As Biggie said; “All the money I stacked, was just money for bail.”

Don’t Be Scared (The Bull Pen) (Verse 3)

I had dreams of getting hood rich
This year approaching six figures, life good bitch

While I don’t know much about The Bull Pen this bar is too damn dope to be denied. It’s in the same ilk as YG’s “six figure” line from Who Do You Love, but with more aggression,

Sour (Verse 3)

And I ain’t even mad if you mad at me
You came, on some sour shit, I came with a strategy

Alliteration is one of my favorite literary devices frequented in rap. Styles uses that and a homophone of the song title to explain why he’s where he’s at to the haters.

Rude Boy Hip Hop (Verse 2)

And you keep your ears open for wise words
The bird’s the only animal that’s meant to fly first
‘Cause you crawl before you walk and you walk before you run
And you fly around the world and you shine like you the sun

Styles is very conscious throughout Phantom and The Ghost. This album is like the full transition to the gentleman from that gangster we know still lives within. Never have we witnessed Styles drop so many gems.

Other Side (Verse 1)

I’ll be down here lighting pot
For niggas who got life and niggas who got shot
Niggas that rap nice, but niggas did not pop
They never got signed, but niggas did not stop
It’s pain in the vocals, more in the dubs and the adlibs…

Styles may have summed up a good 85% of his fanbase here.

For The Best (Verse 1)

I might be in tune with the sun and the moon
But I ain’t slipping on some shit like ain’t a gun in the room

Damn. Styles appears to be in a good place internally; his name is etched in hip hop history, he’s got a successful chain of juice bars, and he’s still got his respect. That doesn’t change his awareness of his surroundings though.

Verdict: “Phantom and the Ghost” shows that Styles has grown up. I can remember the days where I’d bump Styles’ “Ghost In A Shell” Mixtape and be amazed at the things that he’d say. He was the ultimate definition of hard. He was threatening and on edge at all times.

“Phantom and the Ghost” features Styles keeping the gun on safety and dropping more jewels than bodies throughout the album. The bars where he’d surely talk about how he’d gut you are replaced by lessons to those coming up after him and fittingly so. We’ve watched Styles grow into a businessman with his Juices For Life chain taking off quite nicely. He’s still as nice as he was back in the day, just more mature. With that said, don’t think that he’s gone soft for one second.

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