16 Things We Can Conclude About Jay-Z from His 211 Tweets


Since opening his Twitter account on the morning of November 2nd, 2008 Jay-Z has tweeted exactly 211 times. While it may seem like too small of an amount for someone with close to three million followers, HOV’s account actually harbors some gems. Let’s take a look. Tweeting this just a day after his account was created, Jay confirms he’s a fan of mine and America’s favorite team.

Ever wonder what the big man likes to do in his spare time? Well…thanks for bragging HOV. It’s okay, I forgive you.

This is weird. I always pictured HOV to be more of a Snake kind of guy. Pac Man is it.

Jay wasn’t lying. Smart man.

He’s got nothing but love for us all. Such a humble man. Love you too HOV.

He agrees with ‘Ye, and rightfully.

Then there was that one time he got really active on Twitter for a few hours and used *his laugh* for a lot of his responses. I had no idea that was really how he laughed.

Just in case anyone held doubts about who was managing the action behind the @S_C_ Twitter handle.

Jay-Z’s favorite cereal.

Wise words from a decent man.

His favorite pasta.

His favorite Britney Spears song. Mine was “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” Don’t judge me.

His favorite Michael Jackson song.

Everyone regrets something. Even HOV.

His favorite movie.

Jay-Z is pro-twerk. I wonder is Blue’s already had her first lesson.

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