Dear Mama, I’m No Longer No. 2. KD’s Heartfelt MVP Speech…

Kevin Durant delivered an infamous quote to Sports Illustrated last year that he was tired of being number 2. The statement, of course, was in regards to his finishing second in MVP voting in consecutive years behind LeBron James. The lanky scoring machine had improved his all-around game to the point he was clearly the world’s second-best player. KD, however, wanted more, and with his teammate Russell Westbrook sidelined for most of the season, #35 put the team on his back and increased his stats across the board, his handle was now top notch and he imbued a cold closing mentality as he notched multiple game-winning shots this year years.

So, it comes as no surprise, after winning his first MVP yesterday, the OKC star was emotional as he was no longer number 2.

It’s a heartfelt speech, moving in his testimony to each teammate.

But, oh boy, does it become a tearjerker in the end once he gets to his Mama.

Well earned, KD and congrats.


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