Draft Day: Drake Still Has A.Wiggins, Clowney No. 1, LeBron Heading Back To Cleveland?


Football may be the country’s most popular sport but the talk of the NFL Draft was limited to one player, one rapper and one hooper.

Johnny Manziel fell from an estimated Top 10 pick to number 22 where the Cleveland Browns (Stalley, what up?) scooped the former Aggies QB. Johnny Football was defiant throwing up his money gesture when he crossed the Radio City stage to greet the Commish. But social meet tossed shots at Manziel (and by extension Drake, whose “Draft Day” is an ode to the QB).

But there was an unexpected bright side. With Manziel’s arrival, and hopeful success, Clevelanders are hoping that would be a tipping point to earmark Bron Bron’s return to the state. The season.

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