We Read Every Review of Seth Rogen’s New Movie So You Didn’t Have To. Here’s The Verdict…


Newbie parents Mac (Rogen) and Kelly (Rose Byrne) have a rude awakening when Teddy (Zack Efron) moves in next door with his fraternity brothers in new film “Neighbors.” Sound like a recipe for disaster? Quite so. Is it a disaster worth sitting an hour and thirty-six minutes through? The final verdict is leaning towards a “yes.” Of course, nobody wants to go through the trouble of reading 101 reviews before watching the film so, in an efforts to make your lives easier, below are 15 trusted reviews from some of your favorite places. Check them out below and make your decision that much easier. “Neighbors” out in theaters today.

NewYorkTimes: “‘Neighbors’ is not a great film and does not really aspire to be. It is more a status report on mainstream American movie comedy, operating in a sweet spot between the friendly and the nasty, and not straining to be daring, obnoxious or even especially original. It knows how to have fun. How very grown-up.”

LAWeekly: “Byrne is the movie’s MVP, thanks to a script that does what few comedies allow: let the wife earn some laughs. Tequila shot for tequila shot, Byrne is at the center, driving the action.”

ChicagoTribune: “One part smart, one part stupid and three parts jokes about body parts, the extremely raunchy “Neighbors” is a strange success story.” – 3 Stars

WashingtonPost: “‘Neighbors’ isn’t designed to impress with subtle comedy or clever construction. Rather, it’s a movie of wammies: one-liners, shticks and sight gags that don’t gain in momentum or accrue in meaning. They just happen, quickly, then get out of the way to make room for the next ones.”

Forbes: “Neighbors is a rock-solid comedy. It has a genuinely interesting premise and tells its story with just enough smarts and humanity to make the vulgarity and bawdy humor stick. The film is actually about something worthwhile, yet (for better or worse) doesn’t let its themes overtake the comedy. It operates as a genuinely funny, but not obnoxiously course, mediation on the bumpy and uncertain transition to adulthood. Neighbors just simply works.

TIME: “Running just 96 min., Neighbors seems longer because it employs the improv techniques of old John Cassavetes dramas. Certain lines are repeated four or five times to give the feeling of spontaneity, but thanks, we got it the first time.”

EntertainmentWeekly: “One of the best surprises in Andrew Jay Cohen and Brendan O’Brien’s script is its refusal to succumb to lazy sitcom stereotypes, which would set Rogen up as the oafish Kevin James man-child and Byrne as the nag. Instead, Kelly is as foul-mouthed, shallow, and irresponsible as her husband.” B+

RollingStone: “You expect hardcore hilarity from Neighbors, and you get it. It’s the nuance that sneaks up on you.”


MiamiHerald: “Efron makes you believe he’s capable of anything. Neighbors is rude, brazen and merrily offensive, and the movie mines the homoerotic undertones of fraternities to fine (if lowbrow) comic effect. But Efron, of all people, gives the film a curious edge.”

NewYorkDailyNews: “Neighbors stakes its claim in suburban-property cliches. Given the dull, stale results, maybe the end of the world was a better fit.”

FoxNews: Hilarious. “‘Neighbors’ is a perfect concoction of stoner comedy, slapstick and situational humor. Director Nicholas Stoller (“The Five-Year Engagement”) is no stranger to mixing raunch with tenderness and he covers all the bases here: frat house perversions, hilarious them-versus-us antics and the sheer awkwardness of finding your footing as a new parent. While the ridiculous – and sometimes jaw-dropping revenge antics – provide the belly laughs, the film gets strong support by tapping in to a conflict many young adults experience: is your life over when you have a child? Rogen and Byrne are a delight as they battle both parenting and Zac Efron. By adding the tender parenting plot line – something probably more relatable than having a frat house next door – “Neighbors” becomes a strong modern comedy.”

RottenTomatoes: “With plenty of bawdy humor evenly spread between its well-matched stars, Neighbors earns its R rating — and filmgoers’ laughs.” –  6.5/10

ABCnews: Four out of five stars.

Screenrant: “Ultimately, Neighbors is a smart blend of prior Stoller films – a likable mix of over-the-top comedy beats grounded with relatable characters and life scenarios. The film is more Get Him to the Greek than The Five Year Engagement, meaning that some moviegoers may leave feeling slightly underwhelmed by Stoller’s choice to highlight laughs over substance this round. However, with an incredible amount of hilarious moments to enjoy, Neighbors should have no problem entertaining most viewers. A clever premise, keen comedic talent, and a steady stream of funny antics, guarantee most moviegoers will find plenty to like (and laugh at) during this outrageous frat vs. burbs showdown.” – 3.5 Stars

FilmSchoolRejects: “Stoller summons a few appropriate cameos for a brief sequence describing the frat’s history, and delivers good-natured raunch throughout. (It’s the clean kind of raunch, too — sex, not poop.) A minor subplot with the Barinholtz character’s estranged wife hooking up with a frat boy is oddly underdeveloped, but the gags associated with it are solid. This could be the big studio comedy to beat for 2014. The Upside: Pretty much start-to-finish funny. The Downside: The Barinholtz subplot should have been beefed up or cut altogether. On the Side: Turns out Dave Franco does a killer De Niro in Meets the Parents impression.” B+

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