Russell Westbrook Attempts GW Shot Over KD; Twitter Reacts

It was the final seconds of the game when Russell Westbrook went for the game-winning shot. Darren Collison scored 10 of the 18 points that put the Clippers ahead of the Thunder. Westbrook was set on making the 3-pointer yet even with Serge Ibaka’s failed tip-assist, the Thunder lost to the L.A Clippers 101-99. However, had Westbrook noticed that Kevin Durant was wide-open for the 3, the outcome might have been different.

Fans and commentators across the board had something to say about the blatant lack of teamwork. Many have come to blame coach Scott Brooks. Some still blame Lil B due to his “curse” on KD from earlier this year. How did you feel about the end of the game?

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